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It’s the job of any cancer treatment to create an anti-cancer environment in the body.

Your personalized protocol will emphasize supplements and pharmaceuticals – in addition to, not instead of – chemotherapy and radiation therapies.

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How it works

Cancer operates at a single cell level – a microscopic environment.

There are both cancer cells and pro-cancer cells which protect, nourish, and hide cancer from the body’s healthy cancer-fighting immune system. Effective anti-cancer treatments must target cancer cells, and the pro-cancer cells, while blocking as many pathways of cancer growth as possible.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are an important part of most cancer treatments – Dr. LaValley’s integrative, personalized protocols are the other half of cancer treatment.

Personalized Medicine

Dr. LaValley believes the approach of patient-centered precision-medicine treatment plans are important to achieving optimal wellness and the successful management and cure of disease. Each protocol takes into account your specific cancer cell type and personal medical history and biology.
Protocols are molecularly-targeted and utilize:

  • conventional pharmaceuticals, both over-the-counter and prescription,
  • natural product supplements, and
  • dietary and nutritional guidelines.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is an approach to care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.
Dr. LaValley believes that the molecular biology of medicine is a fundamental “scientific bridge” between conventional medicine and complementary medicine. This bridge provides a rigorous, evidence-based integration of the two branches of medicine, resulting in the greatest well-being of patients.

LaValley MD Protocols enable people diagnosed with cancer to optimize anti-cancer treatment and live significantly better, stronger and longer lives.

Protocols are advanced, practical treatment plans based on Dr. LaValley’s 28 years of clinical expertise and molecular biology research.


We are:

  • Precise, scientifically supported combinations of readily available natural product supplements and re-purposed anti-cancer ‘off-label’ pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter)
  • Extensive, detailed anti-cancer treatment recommendations
  • Referenced scientific data for each treatment recommendation – including fully indexed, documented and interconnected references through the PubMed citation database.
  • Focused treatment recommendations treating multiple anti-cancer molecular pathway targets
  • Recommendations work in synergy with conventional chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy
  • Scientific anti-cancer eating guidelines

We are not:

  • A silver bullet promising a cure
  • Alternative Medicine to be utilized INSTEAD of conventional oncology treatment
  • Limited to Complementary Medicine unintegrated with conventional oncology treatment
  • Selling or making money from ANY nutrients, supplements, food, or medicines
  • Folklore or fad based recommendations
  • Hiding who we are
  • Hiding any ingredients of any treatment recommendations
  • Receiving payments for referrals from ANY company, organization, physicians
  • Making payments for referrals to ANY company, organization, physicians

Every treatment plan utilizes scientific evidence sourced through the US governments’ most trusted medical resource, PubMed.

Protocols include precise, scientifically supported combinations of readily available natural supplements and re-purposed pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter) that have anti-cancer effects, to maximize a patient’s health and success in managing cancer.

Dr. LaValley works with integrative doctors to administer protocols to patients.

Treatment recommendations are made directly to a patient’s treating physician(s). The physician selects and authorizes the administration of the personalized treatment recommendations.

Dr. LaValley remains available for consultation and discussion with your doctor(s) about any aspect of the treatment plan. Licensed physicians and doctors able to administer a protocol developed by Dr. LaValley include healthcare professionals licensed to practice as a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Physician Assistant (PA), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), or Nurse Practitioner (NP).

If you do not have an Integrative Medicine doctor, Dr. LaValley can help you find one that’s convenient to your location.

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