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Patient Experiences

These selected cases are real people, their outcomes, and comments after treatment using integrative, personalized protocols developed by Dr. LaValley.

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“I can honestly say that Dr. LaValley is one of the most caring, effective and trustworthy doctors I have ever experienced. He’s a fantastic example of what ALL doctors should be like… He has undeniably transformed and saved my life!”

– Ms. KZ

“I began a combination of both chemotherapy and followed Dr. LaValley’s extensive cancer protocol. I was in complete remission within 13 months.”

– Mr. RM

“Thank you for saving my life Dr. LaValley. Your wisdom, innovation, insight, spirituality, unfaltering dedication, and caring is unmatched in today’s medical establishments.”

– Mr. JD

“We found Dr. LaValley when we had exhausted all of what traditional medicine had to offer and were wondering what to do… He brought a fresh perspective, informed by years and years of cutting edge research, and fresh hope to our situation…the Protocol saved my husband’s life.”

– SE, wife of Mr. IU