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William-LaValley-MD-integrative-medicine-natural-cancer-treatmentsDr. LaValley is one of the world’s most advanced clinical researchers and medical doctor practitioners in the field of integrative cancer treatment.

Dr. LaValley utilizes the vast knowledge that exists – via the PubMed portal – to unlock the anti-cancer benefits of natural product supplements and re-purposed (off–label) pharmaceutical drugs to create personalized treatments for patients with cancer.

He has worked since 1986 as an MD, and over the last 10 years has developed extensive, state-of-the-art, relational, evidence-based databases about the molecular biology of cancer.

These databases have helped him build research methodologies for cancer treatments that are designed to be administered in addition to – not instead of – conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

He is now opening this extensive and rigorous knowledge to a broader audience and patient base.

At the age of 58, Dr. LaValley is writing a book explaining the science and benefits of “the other half of cancer treatment” – to be published in 2017.

As well as continuing his research he works as a consultant to a select group of integrative medical physicians and their patients.

DoctorsNS Feature, “Merging of Medicines, NS physician combines Eastern, Western practices”
Read the article.
After Dr. LaValley’s travels to China in 1982 as a medical student he returned to the USA (and Canada) in pursuit of integrating Western reductionist medicine and Eastern holistic medicine in clinical practice.

Brief Professional Bio

J. William LaValley MD is a physician in Austin, Texas and in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is medically licensed by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (CPSNS) from 1988 to present. He has clinical expertise as a Functional Integrative Medicine physician, treating patients for over 28 years, and as a professional consultant to other physicians since the mid 1990’s.

Dr. LaValley develops advanced, evidence-based, molecularly-targeted treatment plans containing multiple protocol recommendations for physicians to receive, consider, and administer to their patients diagnosed with various types of cancers.

Dr. LaValley is a member of:

  • the American Medical Association (AMA)
  • the Texas Medical Association (TMA)
  • the Travis County Medical Society (TCMS)
  • the Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
  • the Nova Scotia division of the CMA known as Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS)
  • the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)
  • the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) since it began in 2003

1994 – Present
Founding Chairperson and Member of the Integrative and Complementary Medicine Section of Doctors Nova Scotia – 1994.

October 2014, November 2015
Delivered two professional peer-reviewed presentations to the well respected Society for Integrative Oncology Annual International Conference.

November 2013
Featured in DoctorsNS – the Official Monthly Magazine of Doctors Nova Scotia; “Merging of Medicines, NS physician combines Eastern, Western practices” Read the article. The article shares the story of Dr LaValley’s travel to China in 1982 as a medical student member of an official delegation of 30 US medical students led by Nobel-Laureate Dr. Victor Sidel, MD and his wife Dr. Ruth Sidel, PhD. The experience profoundly changed the direction of Dr. LaValley’s professional career as well as his scientific and academic world view. He returned to the USA (and Canada) thereafter in pursuit of integrating Western reductionist medicine and Eastern holistic medicine in clinical practice.

2000 – 2004
Appointed by the Canadian Federal Minister of Health to the Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) of the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) – formerly the Office of Natural Health Products .– for the development of Regulations for Natural Health Products (NHPs) in Ottawa, Canada.

1997 – 2000
He served in the antecedent Natural Health Products Advisory Panel and National Transition Team – for the Office of Natural Health Products, Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Protection Branch, Health Canada.

1998 – 1999
Served as a member of the Canadian National Advisory Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Health Promotion and Programs Branch, Health Canada.


BA Biology, Summa Cum Laude, 1980
Trinity University; San Antonio, Texas
– Phi Beta Kappa, 1979
– United States Military Academy (USMA), June 1976 – June 1977


Medical Doctorate, 1986
Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, Texas
– Began in July 1980 MD then MD-PhD Program;
– Department of Neuroscience as PHD Graduate Student in Neuroscience Program through December 1982;
– Continued MD program through completion in 1986 while in US Army Reserve.

Post Graduate, 1987
University of Louisville School of Medicine,
Louisville, Kentucky
– Completed medical internship in Family Practice medicine at Department of Family Practice.

United States Army

First Lieutenant, United States Army, Honorable Discharge 1976 – 1986