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Mr. RM

47 year old man
Advanced Stage IV melanoma with extensive invasion and metastases to the lung

From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Year: 2007
Diagnosis: Advanced Stage IV melanoma with extensive direct invasion in muscle and lung with additional metastases in the lung
Treatment: Initial Surgery followed by aggressive recurrence; Subsequent chemotherapy with simultaneous evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed and administered by Dr. LaValley.
Outcome: This patient obtained complete remission within the first year that remains until present date (as of August 15, 2016). The result constitutes a cure. [Note: At that time (2007), the likelihood of successful remission with conventional treatment was approximately 03%]

In 2007 at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma which had metastases in both lungs. The prognosis using standard treatment was said to be 5-10% percent response. Playing competitive ball for many years gave me a strong desire to beat the odds handed to me. So I sought Dr. William LaValley’s help. My wife and I knew of two cancer survivors from our small Acadian village [in Nova Scotia] who had successfully been treated by Dr. LaValley. From that time, I began a combination of both chemotherapy and followed Dr. LaValley’s extensive cancer protocol. I was in complete remission within 13 months. My family and I will forever be grateful for Dr. LaValley’s encouragement and complete dedication towards my well being.