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Mr. JD

50 year old man
Advanced Stage IV recurrent melanoma; extensive metastases to liver, spleen and multiple lymph nodes

From: Ontario, Canada; traveled to Nova Scotia for treatment
Year: 2010
Diagnosis: Advanced Stage IV recurrent melanoma with extensive widespread metastases to liver, extensive involvement in the enlarged spleen and numerous abdominal lymph nodes
Treatment: Immunotherapy with ipilimumab (Yervoy®) and concurrent evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed and administered by Dr. LaValley.
Outcome: Complete remission within a year and a half without recurrence to present day (as of August 15, 2016).

Thank you for saving my life Dr. LaValley. Your wisdom, innovation, insight, spirituality, unfaltering dedication, and caring is unmatched in today’s medical establishments.
I had been told by more than a few specialists and surgeons that I likely only had about 3 months left to live, due to metastasized Stage 4 melanoma. One surgeon told me I “had no icing on my cake”. Another surgeon in the ICU, who was about to perform the “surgery from what you likely will not survive” had notified the priest for me.
One and a half years later, the cancer was gone!
Following your protocol resulted in me being the only cancer free patient out of about 36 others on the same clinical trial. There is only one other survivor from that trial group that is still struggling with the disease. Unfortunately, the other 34, or so, are no longer with us…
There is not a chance I’d still be here without your intervention. You made yourself available 24/7, to my wife and I, talking us through an unimaginable and unexpected nightmare. Your guidance opened doors and windows into my soul and my diet (which wasn’t so bad -in my mind).
It seems lately that we hear of a new and major breakthrough in cancer treatment, intervention, or prevention on the news each week. Now, my wife and I just smile as inevitably, they go on to describe something that you have already identified and have been working with since before our meeting.
My analogy to this, and what I tell others, is that the struggle to treat and find a cure for cancer is like climbing a mountain, and you Dr. LaValley are at the top (or very near the peak) of that mountain trail. Everyone else is just following your path.
Inevitably, when people find out you have cancer, they will tell you of someone they know that died from that. Then they’ll advise you of some new, obscure treatment, or cure, that they’ve heard of. I think I’ve heard them all. A few were worth investigating, but proved fruitless – at least for me.
Then I heard about you working out of Nova Scotia. Being the skeptical type, it took me some time to investigate and then contact you, but WOW, I think it turned out to be a pretty good decision. We can never thank you enough.