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We are…the other half of your cancer treatment.

LaValley MD Protocols

Functional Integrative Oncology Protocols – Scientific anticancer medical protocols developed from rigorous evidence-based peer-reviewed molecular biology data available through the US governments’ most trusted medical citation resource, PubMed.

Increase anti-cancer molecularly-targeted effects in your body – in addition to – not instead of – conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Advanced, practical protocols based on Dr. LaValley’s 27 years of clinical medical expertise and advanced molecular biology research.   Protocols include precise, scientifically supported combinations of readily available natural product supplements and re-purposed anti-cancer ‘off-label’ pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter) to maximize your healthy success managing cancer.

Your personalized scientific treatment protocol – your Cancer Wellness Plan®MD protocol – is specific to your particular cancer cell type and to your biology…and it integrates with your conventional oncology treatment plan.

What We Are…

Functional Integrative Oncology Medicine Protocols – advanced, practical, robust Functional Integrative Oncology protocols enabling people diagnosed with cancer to optimize anti-cancer treatment and live significantly better, stronger and longer lives.

  • Extensive and detailed anti-cancer treatment recommendations
  • Referenced scientific data for each treatment recommendation – including fully indexed, documented and interconnected references through the PubMed citation database
  • Focused treatment recommendations treating multiple anti-cancer molecular pathway targets
  • Recommendations synergistic with conventional chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy
  • Scientific Anti-cancer eating guidelines


We Are Not…

  • A silver bullet promising a cure
  • Alternative Medicine to be utilized INSTEAD of conventional oncology treatment
  • Limited to Complementary Medicine unintegrated with conventional oncology treatment
  • Folklore or fad based recommendations
  • Hiding who we are
  • Hiding any ingredients of any treatment recommendations
  • Selling or making money from ANY nutrients, supplements, food, or medicines
  • Receiving payments for referrals from ANY company, organization, physicians
  • Making payments for referrals to ANY company, organization, physicians

How it works


Cancers are molecular diseases of molecular networks in cancer cells and in the pro-cancer supportive cells which protect, nourish and hide cancer cells from your healthy anti-cancer immune system cells.

Effective anti-cancer treatments must target cancer cells and the cancer protecting-and-supporting cells in the microscopic environment immediately adjacent to cancer cells.

This enables people diagnosed with cancer to optimize their anti-cancer treatment plan and live better, stronger and longer lives.

Graphic: Utilizing scientific anti-cancer data to optimize synergistic anti-cancer treatment.

Patient Experiences, Outcomes and Comments

Selected Cases – Real People, Real Outcomes – Functional Integrative Oncology

Mr. RM – 47 year old man with advanced Stage IV melanoma with extensive invasion and metastases to the lung

From: Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007

Diagnosis: Advanced Stage IV melanoma with extensive direct invasion in muscle and lung with additional metastases in the lung

Treatment: Initial Surgery followed by aggressive recurrence; Subsequent chemotherapy with simultaneous evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed and administered by Dr. LaValley.

Outcome: This patient obtained complete remission within the first year that remains until present date. The result constitutes a cure. [Note: At that time (2007), the likelihood of successful remission with conventional treatment was approximately 03%]

Patient Comment:  “In 2007 at the age of 47, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma which had metastases in both lungs.   The prognosis using standard treatment was said to be 5-10% percent response.   Playing competitive ball for many years gave me a strong desire to beat the odds handed to me.    So I sought Dr. William LaValley’s help.   My wife and I knew of two cancer survivors from our small Acadian village [in Nova Scotia] who had successfully been treated by Dr. LaValley.   From that time, I began a combination of both chemotherapy and followed Dr. LaValley’s extensive cancer protocol.   I was in complete remission within 13 months.   My family and I will forever be grateful for Dr. LaValley’s encouragement and complete dedication towards my well being.  R.M.   •••

Ms. KZ – 44 year old with woman Stage 4 Bladder Cancer

From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2012

Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer – Initially graded as T2B/T3 high grade transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder Stage II updated to T4aN0Mx Stage III

Treatment: Chemotherapy and simultaneous evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol by Dr. LaValley before, during and after chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove bladder.    After surgery, she continued administration of the Dr. LaValley’s protocol.

Outcome: Complete remission without recurrence to present day.

Patient Comment:  “I just praise God for Dr. LaValley.   In 2012, I was diagnosed, at the age of 44, with 3rd stage bladder cancer.   I was told I had a 10% -15% chance of survival because my tumour had gone through the muscle and was very difficult to remove.    Of course, I was devastated and petrified! I had lost my brother-in-law to colon cancer a few years before and I thought I was next!

When my fiancée found Dr. LaValley, he literally brought me out of the dark tunnel of pain and fear and into the daylight of strength and courage.    He gave me a long straight talk, explained that cancer is step by step and immediately gave me the tools I needed to look at cancer straight in the eye and say…”I’m going to destroy you”.   He turned my whole life around.

I can honestly say that Dr. LaValley is one of the most caring, effective and trustworthy doctors I have ever experienced.    He’s a fantastic example of what ALL doctors should be like.    He cared about me and my pain.   He has undeniably transformed and saved my life!    If this seems like lavish praise, all I can say is that it is my honest opinion based on my personal experience.   He truly is a blessing!!  K.Z.   •••

Mr. JD - 50 year old man with advanced Stage IV recurrent melanoma; extensive metastases to liver, spleen and multiple lymph nodes

From: Ontario, Canada; traveled to Nova Scotia for treatment by Dr. LaValley in 2010

Diagnosis: Advanced Stage IV recurrent melanoma with extensive widespread metastases to liver, extensive involvement in the enlarged spleen and numerous abdominal lymph nodes

Treatment: Immunotherapy with ipilimumab (Yervoy®) and concurrent evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed and administered by Dr. LaValley.

Outcome: Complete remission within a year and a half without recurrence to present day.

Patient Comment:  “Thank you for saving my life Dr. LaValley.   Your wisdom, innovation, insight, spirituality, unfaltering dedication, and caring is unmatched in today’s medical establishments.

I had been told by more than a few specialists and surgeons that I likely only had about 3 months left to live, due to metastasized Stage 4 melanoma.    One surgeon told me I “had no icing on my cake”.    Another surgeon in the ICU, who was about to perform the “surgery from what you likely will not survive” had notified the priest for me.

One and a half years later, the cancer was gone!

Following your protocol resulted in me being the only cancer free patient out of about 36 others on the same clinical trial.    There is only one other survivor from that trial group that is still struggling with the disease.   Unfortunately, the other 34, or so, are no longer with us…

There is not a chance I’d still be here without your intervention.    You made yourself available 24/7, to my wife and I, talking us through an unimaginable and unexpected nightmare.    Your guidance opened doors and windows into my soul and my diet (which wasn’t so bad -in my mind).

It seems lately that we hear of a new and major breakthrough in cancer treatment, intervention, or prevention on the news each week.    Now, my wife and I just smile as inevitably, they go on to describe something that you have already identified and have been working with since before our meeting.

My analogy to this, and what I tell others, is that the struggle to treat and find a cure for cancer is like climbing a mountain, and you Dr. LaValley are at the top (or very near the peak) of that mountain trail.   Everyone else is just following your path.

Inevitably, when people find out you have cancer, they will tell you of someone they know that died from that.   Then they’ll advise you of some new, obscure treatment, or cure, that they’ve heard of.   I think I’ve heard them all.   A few were worth investigating, but proved fruitless – at least for me.

Then I heard about you working out of Nova Scotia. Being the skeptical type, it took me some time to investigate and then contact you, but WOW, I think it turned out to be a pretty good decision. We can never thank you enough.  Y.H.   •••

Mr. IU – 52 year old man Recurrent, Progressive, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC), Stage IV with metastases to lung

From: Minnesota in June 2011

Diagnosis: Recurrent, Progressive Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) Stage IV; extensive involvement at nasal septum with multiple metastasis to the lung

Treatment: Treatments and Outcomes: At large well-known medical center he first underwent surgery to remove the nasal tumor – required three surgeries;   followed by chemoradiation therapy with remission .    Upon recurrence, considered unresponsive to chemotherapy.    He man then began treatment an evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed by Dr. LaValley specifically for him and his cancer cell type. His local Integrative Medicine specialist administered the treatment plan successfully.

  • Two years later recurrence in lung treated with chemotherapy; tumor stabilized and did not progress until 6 months later; 3 months later tumor progression continued;
  • He then consulted an integrative medicine specialist in mid 2011 who implemented a molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed by Dr. LaValley specifically for him.

Outcome: clinical course to present day.

  • Over one year later the CT scan showed decrease in the size of all the metastatic lesions in the lung with no new lesions.
  • Six months later ongoing continued shrinkage with no new metastatic lesions;
  • Six months later, the dominant nodule showed slight increase in size from 7 to 9 mm in dimension, all other lesions stable, no new lesions.
  • Four months and seven months later CT scans showed no new lesions, all lesions stable except slight increase in the single dominant nodule.
  • Two months later PET/CT showed active lesion in only the single dominant nodule. All other lesions stable in size and not seen to be metabolically active.
  • Over the next two years no new lesions, all lesions stable except the dominant single nodule slightly increased to 10m by 11mm in November 2015.

Treatment: Additional treatment options under consideration including Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), and surgery.

Patient Comment:  “When I think about Dr. Will LaValley, I always think our of our cancer journey.    We found Dr. LaValley when we had exhausted all of what traditional medicine had to offer and were wondering what to do.   Cancer entered our life ironically on April Fool’s Day 2008, even though my husband had been an aggressively healthful person, eating only the “right” things and exercising regularly for decades.    We thought cancer was gone after 3 surgeries, as well as extensive chemo and radiation.

It was May 2010 when cancer returned as stage 4 with many lesions in the lungs.    We visited fancy hospitals in Boston, New York, Minnesota and Texas.    All were telling us to “plan our affairs.”    We researched on line to find the most aggressive treatment and visited the traditional “best” providers and undertook intensive chemo again.    The lesions got smaller; but by the summer of 2011, they were back.

We researched literally all over the world for something more effective than the traditional best.    We found Dr. LaValley.   He brought a fresh perspective, informed by years and years of cutting edge research, and fresh hope to our situation.   My husband started his Anti-Cancer Protocol in July of 2011 and by the fall the lesions were as small as they had been following chemo.    The Protocol had been as effective as chemo.    His oncology team at the Mayo Clinic was – and still is – in awe!

Better yet, for the last four years, my husband’s stage 4 cancer has been stable.    We are now treating his cancer like diabetes, something we have to manage and live with. In my view, the Protocol saved my husband’s life, and saved our family. Now, I believe our 4 year old and 14 year old daughters will have their father actively in their life for a long, long time.

THANK YOU Dr. LaValley and [our local treating physician implementing the treatment protocol you developed].   S.E. – patient’s wife   •••

Mr. MS - 56 year old man with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Stage 2b progressed to Stage 4

From: Texas, USA in June 2012

Diagnosis: Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cancer initial diagnosis June 2013: Stage 2b progressed to Stage 4

Treatment:  Surgical Whipple-procedure (removal of parts of the pancreas, stomach, gall bladder and small intestine);  two different chemotherapy regimens (Gemcitabine then a year later Folfirinox), one regimen of stereotactic radiation therapy (five treatment sessions) and the entire time administered evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol by Dr. LaValley.   During the various chemotherapy treatments, the patient’s Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocols were modified to increase the patient’s tolerance of the chemotherapy and synergistically increased the anti-cancer effect of the chemotherapy.

Outcome:  Disease well-controlled at 3½ years with full active quality of life to present date;  possible progression of cancer currently under investigation.   He has achieved robust well-being and extended survival significantly beyond the group of similarly diagnosed people.

Patient Comment:  “I am very fortunate to be an outlier with pancreatic cancer which has such a nasty death rate.   My medical doctors are consistently surprised with my success to date.   The only action I have done differently than others with a similar diagnosis is I quickly implemented and then have stuck tightly to Dr LaValley’s protocols.    I wanted to maximize my chances of fighting my cancer.    I saw the scientific upside and could see no downside. …for sure I am not going to be stopping it…    •••

Ms. YH – 59 year old woman with Stage 1B Ovarian Adenocarcinoma

From: London, England; traveled to Nova Scotia for treatment by Dr. LaValley in 2008

Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer – Initially graded as T2B/T3 high grade transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder Stage II updated to T4aN0Mx Stage III in 2007

Treatment: Surgery – total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (TAHBSO) and omentectomy followed by Chemotherapy; since 2008 she has received evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed and administered by Dr. LaValley.

Outcome: Complete remission without recurrence to present day.

Patient Comment:  “After my first Chemo session and my weight at 74 lbs (and falling) close friends recommended a conference call with Dr. LaValley.   This was the game changer for me.   I followed his protocol in all its detail, helping my body towards becoming an anti-cancer environment.   Five years later my London Oncologist said that I “have been lucky”.   Today I continue with a LaValley protocol and remain in good health.   Thank-you so much Dr. LaValley.  Y.H.   •••

Ms. OA - 20 year old woman with Stage IV Glioblastoma who presented after surgery and radiation therapy

From: Nova Scotia, Canada in 2001

Diagnosis: Stage IV Glioblastoma;   post-surgery, post-radiation therapy;    told no additional conventional treatment available or beneficial for her terminal cancer

Treatment:  Complete remission within the first year of treatment with a molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol by Dr. LaValley.    Remission 14 years and remains to present date.    Currently the outcome is considered a cure.

Patient’s Family Comment:  “As the mother of a patient diagnosed with a Stage IV glioblastoma brain tumour in 2001 it was painful to learn she was only given 12-18 months to live by her conventional oncology team. I have the utmost confidence and respect for Dr. LaValley and his protocol.    Her tumour is completely gone and she continues to be well.    It really is remarkable and next year we’ll be at year 15 since the diagnosis!   WOW!!   N.O. – patient’s mother   •••

Mr. KW - 53 year old man with Stage IV Glioblastoma

From: Nova Scotia, Canada in 2013

Diagnosis: Stage IV Glioblastoma

Treatment: Treatment: Surgery, then radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Concurrently with radiation therapy and chemotherapy he received the evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol from Dr. LaValley the entire time after surgery.

Outcome: K.W. lived twice as long as predicted with robust, good quality of life.

Patient Comment:  “From the perspective of the wife of one of Dr. LaValley’s patients, I can honestly say that I believe wholeheartedly that Dr. LaValley’s protocol not only extended my husband’s life but helped maintain his quality of life. He remained very physically active almost to the end and I attribute this to the doctor’s integrated medicine.  C.W. – patient’s wife    •••

Ms. V W – 61 year old woman with Breast cancer – advanced Stage IV mixed ductal carcinoma with extensive systemic metastases

From: Nova Scotia, Canada in 2009

Diagnosis: Breast cancer – advanced Stage IV Mixed Ductal Breast Carcinoma with extensive metastatic disease on presentation to Dr. LaValley in 2009

Treatment:Three lines of chemotherapy over four years; administered evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed by Dr. LaValley during the entire four and a half years.   During the various chemotherapy treatments, the patient’s Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocols were modified to increase the patient’s tolerance of the chemotherapy and synergistically increased the anti-cancer effect of the chemotherapy.

Outcome: V.W. lived with very high quality of life, able to live on her own for until the last several months, and lived for 3½-4 years longer than considered likely.    She lived a significantly better, longer and stronger life than similar advanced Stage IV breast cancer patients.

Patient Comment:  “I am the sister of a patient of Dr. LaValley.   I witnessed the symptoms of a terrible metastatic breast cancer and the side effects of aggressive chemo which were minimized under Dr. LaValley’s critical care.

What we heard at the cancer clinic soon into her treatment by Dr. LaValley was how well she was doing.   Then the comments changed to she was “a miracle”.    She looked very healthy and acted so happy and generally had otherwise good health.

The medical oncologist doctor and nurses were amazed she could tolerate the increasingly aggressive treatment for a much longer period of time than was defined in the medical textbooks.    Added to that, her symptoms generally were so much less than usually seen…

My sister lived well with cancer years longer than anticipated or was thought possible.   Her continual careful and scientifically researched care by Dr. LaValley was given credit by her doctors at the cancer clinic for the success of her quality of life throughout the years of battling her cancer with grace.   K.H. – Patient’s twin sister   •••

Mr. FD – 47 year old man with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Stage 4 (NSCLC) lung adenocarcinoma metastasic to brain

From: Nova Scotia, Canada in 1992

Diagnosis: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung with metastasis to the brain

Treatment: Offered no conventional oncology chemotherapy or radiation therapy because such therapy was considered futile.   Began on Dr. LaValley’s Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment within weeks of diagnosis and continued for several years.   Due to good clinical response from Dr. LaValley’s treatment protocol, he became a candidate for radiation therapy which he received while continuing on the protocol developed for him by Dr. LaValley.

Outcome: Complete remission within one year and without recurrence to present day.

Patient Comment:  “In 1992, at the age of 47 my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and brain and told that he had several months to live.   Desperate, we went to see Dr. LaValley.   Under his treatment and following his protocol, Franklyn was pronounced cancer free within one year.   He has never had a recurrence and is still enjoying living.  A.D. – patient’s wife   •••

Starting your LaValley MD Protocol…

It’s straightforward to get started … and begins with calling Dr. La Valley’s office.

Schedule an initial discussion with Dr. LaValley at a time convenient for you, your family and loved ones: please call 512-794-8907 (USA) or 902-275-4555 (Canada).

We schedule your consultation as soon as possible, as we know every cancer case is urgent.

The initial meeting is a cybermeeting so participants can see Dr. LaValley’s computer screen to share appropriate scientific and medical information in the evidence-based protocol options.

Initial consultation cybermeeting via ‘Go To Meeting’

This can be as little as an hour or up to three hours.

Preparation for the initial cybermeeting can greatly increase the amount of information Dr. LaValley can provide for you and your family. Best usage of your cybermeeting time incorporates a review of your medical history including relevant medical records, lab reports, CT/MRI/PET/ultrasound scans, and details of chemotherapy and other treatments.

During the consultation:

  • You share your medical history and current situation so Dr. LaValley can understand as much as possible about your case.
  • Dr. LaValley provides an overview of the molecular science and how a robust molecularly-targeted anti-cancer protocol may be developed for your case. At any time during the discussion, you and your family members (and anyone else attending the cybermeeting with you) can ask any questions you have for Dr. LaValley to answer. If you do not yet have a licensed physician who understands Integrative Oncology, Dr. LaValley can help you obtain an appropriate physician in your region to receive the protocol treatment recommendations. This physician can receive the protocol recommendations for consideration in the treatment of your case.
  • After the cybermeeting ends, Dr. LaValley encourages you to fully discuss with your family and loved ones about the content of the meeting.    He recommends you take any time necessary to determine whether you want a personalized protocol for your case to be developed by Dr. LaValley and delivered to your treating physician.
  • If you decide to request Dr. LaValley to develop a personalized, evidence-based molecularly-targeted protocol for your physician to consider in your case, then you proceed to Step #2.   (next step ↑  )

The fee for consultation with Dr. LaValley is USD $350.00 per hour. The fee for Canadians living in Canada is CAD$ 350.00 per hour. The consultation fee for people from other countries is USD$ 350.00

Your Personalized Evidence-based Molecularly-Targeted Anticancer Protocol

Step #2 begins with your request to Dr. LaValley to develop a protocol personalized for your specific medical circumstances in your particular case. Dr. LaValley discusses with your treating physician the evidence-based molecularly-targeted anti-cancer protocol options. If you don’t have an Integrative Medicine physician able to receive and consider the treatment choices, Dr. LaValley can help you obtain one in your region.

  • Dr. LaValley develops a personalized, evidence-based, multi-molecularly-targeted anti-cancer treatment protocol for consideration in treatment of your case in addition to (not instead of) conventional oncology treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. These treatment recommendations are meticulously researched at the molecular level utilizing published, evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical and scientific data accessed through the PubMed citation database.
  • You are encouraged to diligently implement the treatment plan administered by your treating physician. Dr. LaValley recommends following-up with him to discuss your progress so he may update treatment recommendations to your physician.
  • Many people diagnosed with cancer have successfully implement these protocol recommendations for many months – up to several years – and obtain significantly better quality of life and length of life than their similar group (ie cohort). In layperson terms, people who diligently and successfully implement the protocol for some extended duration have achieved better, stronger and longer lives.

Ongoing consultation for optimizing long-term cancer management

Dr. LaValley can continue to provide ongoing, and situation-specific treatment protocol recommendations to respond to changing circumstances in medical circumstances in managing cancer.

Dr. LaValley also provides advanced “Cancer Navigation”

Dr. LaValley can help people navigate the extensive and often bewildering array of numerous conventional and complementary medicine treatment options with keen medical insight and deep understanding of the potential benefits and risks.

This means that Dr. LaValley can utilize his advanced knowledge of the full range of anti-cancer treatment options available to provide people with cancer with good, reliable, unbiased advice about possible cancer treatments and choices they may not learn about from their local oncology team.

Contact Dr. LaValley

Call 512-794-8907 (USA) or 902-275-4555 (Canada) or use this Contact Form


Dr. LaValley is a fully licensed MD in Texas and Nova Scotia Canada since 1988. He is a professional expert consultant to your medical doctor about your case and Dr. LaValley is not your direct treating physician. A cybermeeting or telephone conversation is not sufficient to establish the patient-doctor relationship between you and Dr. LaValley. Therefore, because you are not his patient, Dr. LaValley cannot – and will not – make specific treatment recommendations to you in the course of the initial CyberConsult® cybermeeting or thereafter. Consequently, you must have no expectation of direct medical treatment by Dr. LaValley, or medical treatment recommendations directly to you from him.

Importantly, Dr. LaValley’s treatment recommendations are made directly to your treating physician(s). It is your treating physician who selects and authorizes the administration the specific treatment recommendations. Dr. LaValley remains available for consultation and discussion with your doctor about any aspect of the treatment recommendations. If you do not have an Integrative Medicine doctor Dr. LaValley can help find one convenient to your location.