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Ms. VW

61 year old woman
Breast cancer – advanced Stage IV mixed ductal carcinoma with extensive systemic metastases

From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Year: 2009
Diagnosis: Breast cancer – advanced Stage IV Mixed Ductal Breast Carcinoma with extensive metastatic disease on presentation to Dr. LaValley in 2009
Treatment: Three lines of chemotherapy over four years; administered evidence-based, molecularly-targeted Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocol developed by Dr. LaValley during the entire four and a half years. During the various chemotherapy treatments, the patient’s Cancer Wellness Plan®MD treatment protocols were modified to increase the patient’s tolerance of the chemotherapy and synergistically increased the anti-cancer effect of the chemotherapy.
Outcome: VW lived with very high quality of life, able to live on her own until the last several months, and lived for 3½-4 years longer than considered likely. She lived a significantly better, longer and stronger life than similar advanced Stage IV breast cancer patients.

I am the sister of a patient of Dr. LaValley. I witnessed the symptoms of a terrible metastatic breast cancer and the side effects of aggressive chemo which were minimized under Dr. LaValley’s critical care. What we heard at the cancer clinic soon into her treatment by Dr. LaValley was how well she was doing. Then the comments changed to she was “a miracle.” She looked very healthy and acted so happy and generally had otherwise good health.

The medical oncologist doctor and nurses were amazed she could tolerate the increasingly aggressive treatment for a much longer period of time than was defined in the medical textbooks. Added to that, her symptoms generally were so much less than usually seen…

My sister lived well with cancer years longer than anticipated or was thought possible. Her continual careful and scientifically researched care by Dr. LaValley was given credit by her doctors at the cancer clinic for the success of her quality of life throughout the years of battling her cancer with grace.

KH, patient's sister