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CyberWellness® Integrative Medicine information service

targets an important gap in health information availability:


  • CyberWellness® Integrative Medicine health information service provides consumers with MD-written, reliable, safe and easy-to-use practical health information guidelines, which are both comprehensive and evidence-based.
  • CyberWellness® Integrative Medicine health information service gives health care consumers unbiased, practical healthcare information from a practicing MD with over 27 years of direct clinical experience treating patients.
  • CyberWellness® Integrative Medicine health information service provides healthcare consumers with specific evidence-based suggestions to discuss with their physicians and other licensed health care practitioners for utilizing natural product supplement to best optimize their healthy organs functions; and,
  • CyberWellness® Integrative Medicine health information service provides well-researched, scientifically rational and ready-to-implement guidelines for increasing the anti-cancer optimization of immune system and organ function to greatly improve likelihood to prevent the onset of cancer.
  • Consumers want holistic AND scientific™ information to make the best choices to optimize their health.
  • People want information that is both holistic AND scientific™  to help them proactively, conscientiously and specifically prevent cancers to which they may possess a genetic predisposition – in a scientifically rigorous, robust and rational way.
  • Health care is evolving quickly and health care consumers face big challenges looking for reliable, easy-to-understand, practical healthcare information that is evidence-based and focused on their personal health genomic profile.
  • Many patients find their conventionally-trained physicians have little or no training in the rapidly emerging field of Integrative and Complementary Medicine.
  • Health care consumers are eager to access reliable evidence-based information relevant to their own health issues, yet find themselves uncertain of the reliability and integrity of the information they read on the Internet and in various ‘drug-company-sponsored’ and ‘supplement-manufacturer-sponsored’ literature.
  • Much information about Integrative and Complementary Medicine is written by people with little or no practical clinical experience in delivering these health care services.


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