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Create an anti-cancer environment in your body – enabling you to live a longer, stronger life.

Support your body before, during, and after standard chemotherapy and radiation therapy with a personalized protocol designed specifically to treat your cancer type and personal biology.

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The Other Half of Cancer Treatment

It’s the job of any cancer treatment to create an anti-cancer environment in the body.

Dr. LaValley works one-on-one with you and your treating physician to develop a personalized protocol that will:


Integrate with standard cancer treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Utilize natural supplements combined with prescription pharmaceuticals to molecularly-target cancer cells.

Strengthen your body’s immune system through continued administration of protocols and nutritional guidelines.


noun | pro·to·col
a detailed plan for a medical treatment

Maximize your health and chances of defeating cancer.

When the right combination of natural supplements and pharmaceuticals is in place alongside standard surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, your body can build a cancer-fighting environment that maximizes health and produces a stronger potential for success in managing and defeating cancer.

Dr. LaValley is one of the world’s leading clinical researchers and practitioners of integrative cancer treatments.

He has developed extensive, evidence-based databases about the molecular biology of cancer and how to use the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer. Dr. LaValley has advanced clinical expertise as an Integrative Medicine physician treating patients for over 28 years and as a professional consultant to other physicians since 1988.

Every treatment plan utilizes scientific evidence sourced through the US governments’ most trusted medical resource, PubMed.

Protocols include precise, scientifically supported combinations of readily available natural supplements and re-purposed pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter) that have anti-cancer effects, to maximize a patient’s health and success in managing cancer.

Patient Case Details

Real experiences, outcomes, and comments from patients.

“I can honestly say that Dr. LaValley is one of the most caring, effective and trustworthy doctors I have ever experienced. He’s a fantastic example of what ALL doctors should be like… He has undeniably transformed and saved my life!”

– Ms. KZ

“I began a combination of both chemotherapy and followed Dr. LaValley’s extensive cancer protocol. I was in complete remission within 13 months.”

– Mr. RM

“Thank you for saving my life Dr. LaValley. Your wisdom, innovation, insight, spirituality, unfaltering dedication, and caring is unmatched in today’s medical establishments.”

– Mr. JD

“We found Dr. LaValley when we had exhausted all of what traditional medicine had to offer and were wondering what to do… He brought a fresh perspective, informed by years and years of cutting edge research, and fresh hope to our situation…the Protocol saved my husband’s life.”

– SE, wife of Mr. IU

Getting Your Personalized Protocol

1. Discuss your medical history and current situation in an initial consultation so Dr. LaValley can understand as much as possible about your case.
2. Receive and implement your personalized protocol that works in addition to (not instead of) standard oncology treatment.
3. Ongoing treatment recommendations that respond to changing medical circumstances.

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